Song of the Day – Joan Osborne – One of Us (Live)

In honor of her new album coming out tomorrow, here’s a beautiful live version of Joan Osborne’s most popular song,

March 27, 2012
New Orleans Music – Ed Wills and Blues For Sale

So our last night in New Orleans, wife and I were walking by a bar and looked in the window,

March 23, 2012
New Orleans Music – Smoking Time Jazz Club

So I’m in New Orleans for a few days, and I had the supreme pleasure of seeing the Smoking Time

March 21, 2012
Song of the Day – Jonsi – Tornado

As my plane was taking off into the gorgeous sunrise this morning to carry me south to New Orleans, Jonsi’s

March 20, 2012
Song of the Day – Summer Camp – Better Off Without You

Summer Camp’s music is kind of like what Blondie would sound like if they were to reincarnate in 2012,  which

March 18, 2012
Song of the Day – Equipoise – Song of the Stars

So I decided to take all of my instrumental music and start a side project called Equipoise.  Just posted the

March 15, 2012
Song of the Day – Emma Louise – Jungle

Great song, great voice, love the sound….

March 13, 2012
Song of the Day – Siobahn Hotaling – Soul Study Live

Live from my home recording studio!  Soul Study is a song from my upcoming album, Heart on Fire…

March 11, 2012
Song of the Day – Happy Rhodes – Lay Me Down

So I’ve decided to take my instrumental music and release it under the name “Equipoise”, which reminded me of Happy

March 10, 2012
Song of the Day – Frankie Rose – Know Me

Sounds like the Smiths circa 1986, if the lead singer was a a young woman from Brooklyn!

March 8, 2012
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