RELEASED: March 15, 2015
ARTIST: Siobahn Hotaling
PRODUCER: Siobahn Hotaling

Liner notes:

A big set of thank you’s to the following incredible people who made this record possible: Charlie Cooley, my drummer, friend, and cheerleader, you are such an amazing supporter. Warne Livesey for rocking the bass and mixing this record with such care. Maia Sharp, my songwriting mentor and guide for almost all of these tunes. My friends and musical guest stars that were so generous with their time, talents, and beautiful spirits. Eric St. Laurent for bringing such a care and sensitivity to our sessions (not to mention insane guitar skills!). The other musicians who lent a hand – Justus Waldron, Michael Severens, and Ben Jokela. All of my incredible friends who supported my Indiegogo campaign – you are all such generous souls! THE BAND:

Siobahn Hotaling: Vocals, backing vocals
Charlie Cooley: Drums, percussion
Eric St. Laurent: Acoustic and electric guitar
Warne Livesey: Bass
Bonnie Piesse: Backing vocals (City Lights, The Way You Are)
Victor Ochoa: Keyboards (The Way You Are, Because I Want To), organ (City Lights), backing vocals (The Way You Are)
Mark Hildreth: Piano (Back to Our Future), backing vocals (Heart in Your Hands)
Denise Reis: Backing vocals (The Way You Are)
Justus Waldron: Mandolin (Because I Want To)
Ben Jokela: Keyboards (Out of My Head, Heart In Your Hands)
Michael Severens: Cello (Back To Our Future)

Bed tracks recorded by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Studios, Toronto,Ontario.
Vocals and mandolin recorded by Ace Parkhurst in Albany, NY.
Mixed by Warne Livesey at Control Group Studio, Toronto, Ontario.
Mastered by Andy VanDette at Engine Room Audio, NY, NY.

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