Siobahn Hotaling’s Musical Bio

Siobahn Hotaling started her musical career at the age of 15, when she began performing in an original folk-rock duo. Having grown up on a steady diet of Motown, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel, and 80’s alternative rock, she soon fell in love with the craft of songwriting and the pursuit of the ultimate hook.

After taking a hiatus from music to develop other interests, Siobahn returned to music in 2007, with a sharp focus on honing her songwriting skills. She recorded her first album, Heart on Fire, in June 2012; based on the strengths of the songs from that record, Siobahn was accepted into the 2013 NYU Summer Songwriter’s Workshop, where she worked closely with professional songwriters as well as talented peers.

Her songs focus on very personal and emotional subjects; in all of her musical endeavors, Siobahn seeks to bring forth the values of expression, authenticity, and passion. Her songs are honest, challenging, and heartfelt; her intent for writing and performing is to give her audience an experience of joining her on an intimate emotional journey. Ranging from pop to rock to country, her genre-defying sound always maintains the common thread of honest, genuine storytelling.

In March 2015, Siobahn released her second album, Unguarded. The title reflects what she believes is the true nature of the record – a set of fiercely personal – yet deeply relatable – songs about the vulnerability, passion, and poignancy of love.

Siobahn Hotaling is currently writing songs for a future record, utilizing her cumulative skills in poetry,  songwriting, and life experience.

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