Article: Patrick Stump's Post About His Career
by on February 29, 2012 in random posts

Patrick Stump just published a really awesome post on his website where he talks about his life as a musician, and his struggles to please his audience as his career grows and changes.  What resonated most with me – and in some ways made me the most sad – was how his fans turned against him when he didn’t give them what they wanted.  The title of the post – “We Liked You Better Fat” really alludes to some of the ugly attitudes he has had to face.  Are musicians somehow obligated to their fans?  And are fans entitled to misdirect their own anger (which comes from who the hell knows where really) towards an artist?  It’s so unfortunate, that people would behave so hatefully towards someone they don’t even know, like spoiled children who didn’t get the Christmas present they wanted.

The best part of the post, however, was Patrick’s attitude; he remained very honorable, even humble, as he told his story.  He didn’t blame back, he didn’t say nasty things, he just told his story.  I’m not a fan of Patrick Stump’s music, but I’m a fan of him as a person.

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